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The Mohawk Braids with Curls

Shampoo Hair with our PCJ® Conditioning Shampoo

Condition Hair with the PCJ® Pretty-N-Silky
Moisturizing Conditioner

Detangle hair with the
PCJ® Wet-n-EZ Detangling Spray

Apply the PCJ® Crème Oil to hair
before blow drying

Straighten hair with a flat iron

Section off the front center of hair
and secure with a clip

Braid hair on the side while using the
PCJ® New Gro Hairdress

Secure braids with rubber bands

Pull front center of section of hair
with bobby pins to create a Mohawk

Curling iron: Within each section
use a curling iron to create four
spiral curls

Natural: Apply a foam or mousse
product to the hair and use four
flexi rods in each section

Gently separate curls with
fingers using the PCJ® New
Gro Hairdress

PCJ Smooth Roots Style Mohawk Braids