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Braids with Curly Pigtails

Shampoo Hair with our PCJ® Conditioning Shampoo

Condition Hair with the PCJ® Pretty-N-Silky Moisturizing Conditioner

Detangle hair with the PCJ® Wet-n-EZ Detangling Spray

Apply the PCJ® Crème Oil to Hair

Section the hair into four sections and begin blow dry

Once completed, section off the front of hair and use a clip to secure the hair

Create subsections and begin to braid or flat twists

Only braid hair half way, and use rubber bands to secure

Use the PCJ® New Gro Hairdress to add nutrients and sheen to the hair while braiding

Once the entire front half of the head has been braided

Part the back half of hair evenly down the middle

Use two soft ponytail holders to secure hair

Once hair is in a ponytail style, use flexi rods or a curling iron to create the voluminous curls

Once curls are created, if flat ironed separate the hair in each pony tail into three sections, then curl

If using flexi rods, separate the hair in two three to four sections and let hair air dry or sit under a hooded dry

Once curls are created, gently separate them with fingers

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